Some frequently asked questions in my practice
Arrive 10-15 min prior to your appointment time to complete your health history (HH) form and direct billing authorization form (if you are wanting me to direct bill your insurance company). Fill your forms in truthfully and to the best of your ability. Bring a list of medications with you, as some medications may require me to modify your treatment to ensure your safety

Once completed, we will sit down to discuss your HH to ensure your massage therapy treatment is indicated. All information is confidential and will never be shared without your written consent or unless I am legally obligated to.

Assessment can involve the interview process, gathering information, manual/special testing and getting informed consent to assess and treat. We will discuss nature of treatment, body parts to be treated, benefits, risks, consequences, contraindications, goals, and much more. Together we will work to develop a treatment plan.

Treatment will follow, with your consent and after I wash my hands. Techniques and pressure can be modified at any time. If you do not like something I am doing, speak up, I will never be offended or cast judgement.

You can stop/modify the treatment at anytime; if you are uncomfortable, please let me know.
I require 24 hrs notice to cancel without being penalized.

If you are cancelling with less than 24 hrs, you will be subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the treatment rate. You can send someone in your place to avoid being charged. If I fill the appointment, you will not be charged.

Subsequent late notice cancellations and ALL no call no shows will be subject to the full treatment rate. If there is an emergency, let me know as soon as possible. Some reasons for cancellation will be accepted at my discretion and waived.

If you are feeling under the weather - showing signs of cold/flu (fever, persistent cough, gastrointestinal symptoms, etc.), please stay home and reschedule your appointment when you are feeling well. I work with the immune compromised population and cannot afford to get ill myself to spread.

*Cancellation charges cannot be claimed to your extended health benefits plan.

No, I cannot direct bill a missed appointment to your insurance - this is fraud.
Yes, I am registered to bill to most major insurance plans. Bring your card/information with you, I will take a photocopy and require you to fill out an authorization form to allow me to bill and collect monies on your behalf.

Plans vary - some will pay my full rates and some only pay a portion. Any portion not covered by your benefits plan will need to be paid out of pocket. Some plans also require a doctors note for massage therapy to be able to claim. Know your plans offers and limitations.
No, treatment and techniques can be modified. If wanting to stay clothed, please bring comfortable, movable clothing. If clothing will be removed, you will be getting into the sheets and blanket, set up on the table to cover up, when I leave the room to wash my arms/hands. Only body parts that are to be treated may be exposed, draping is required at all times and will be secure to ensure nothing is exposed that doesn't need to be. Treatment can also include a mix of both draped and clothed.

Some body parts like: gluteals (buttocks), upper inner thigh/pelvis/groin, chest wall/breasts will require an indication and special written consent to treat. If there are any other areas that you feel are more sensitive or would be apprehensive to treat, please let me know (e.g. front of neck/throat, feet, sides of flank, underarms, etc.)
People will seek massage therapy for many reasons. in my practice, I typically see people who are experiencing:

acute/persistent pain

body or joint tension/stiffness

injury rehabilitation - slips/falls, motor vehicle accident (MVA), WSIB, sports, etc

loss of range of motion in a joint

weakness/numbness & tingling

Some conditions may be better managed with MT, such as:



neck/shoulder tension

temporomadibular joint (TMJ) pain

adhesive capsulitis ("frozen shoulder")

mastectomy/breast massage for augmentation

pregnancy related conditions

non-specific low back pain


nerve irritation/neurological (sciatic, median n. - carpel tunnel, etc)

muscle twitches/spasms

shin splints, "runners knee", etc

plantar fasciitis

physical effects associated with people living with mental health illness (anxiety/depression)

and more...

Ask me how I can assist you more?

MT may assist in "communicating" with the nervous system through the skins sensory system and by providing safe touch, bringing awareness to the body.

Anecdotally, MT has provided many short term benefits for people. More research is needed for us to understand this though. This does not mean it can do no harm. Please visit a registered and regulated health care professional for your safety and optimal care.

MT may not be for everyone. It is not a cure, nor will it fix or heal you; no outcome is guaranteed. Some things will be out of an RMT's scope of practice, a referral may be given to the appropriate RHCP.
That's okay, I probably didn't either! Body hair is completely natural and most males do not shave for me either. I use a gel that will allow for more glide and to ensure we do not irritate the skin in that area, if newly shaved.

If you would like to skip that body part at your treatment, just let me know.
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